A railroad trestle that been out of use a long, long time.

Another one of Nathan's nature shots.

Well, when you gotta go you gotta go.

The sun sets on another day.

I wonder who lived in this house and what they did.

This was once a motel.

Glenrio, Texas. This motel is right on the Texas/New Mexico border. The sign states this motel is the "First motel in Texas" on one side and "Last motel in Texas" on the other side.

This place has also seen better days.

One wonders how many roads this truck has been down.
The sun is going down on another day in Texas.

On the road again. This time on 66 as it is now the frontage road along the interstate.

Unfortunately we arrived too late to get anything to eat (the food was highly recommended!) but the owners were still there and opened it up so we could look around inside. Maybe we can visit on the way back home.

Thousands of people have signed this old truck. Most of the signatures are from other countries, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany, Australia, Iraq, England, Japan, everywhere.

The Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas. This is supposed to be the halfway point between Chicago and Santa Monica but somehow my mileage is a LOT more than this sign indicates. I guess it was all of those turnarounds and do agains that I did!

I have to tell this story. I was tired of the gum I was chewing and I decided to do what I really don't like for others to do and throw it out the window. It went out the window, had a little bit of hang time, did a somersault, and popped right back inside to land on Nathan. That'll teach me to do something I'm not supposed to do!

A house that has met the same fate.

A bridge to nowhere. The old 66 is long gone and has left this lonely bridge. Makes me wonder about all the people who drove across it on their way to somewhere else.

And as it looked many, many years ago.

The same for the station.

Vega Motel, vintage and restored.

A thunderstorm appears ahead but not a drop of water hits the ground.

Cadillac Ranch now in the distance.

Take a break from my pictures and watch this Brooks and Dunn video that was filmed here a couple of weeks after we were there. Watch for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame too. Just click on the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp2sVwEFEu8

Making my mark to say I was there.

Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas.

But it's a DRY heat.

Big Texan Limo.

No words needed.

My turn! ha
A Texas size boot at the Big Texan.

Well, does he or doesn't he? He finished the salad, finished the potato, finished the roll and with under 2 minutes left he was down to only 2 bites of steak. He looked at the steak, looked at the clock, looked at the garbage can next to him (Texas size barf bag) and said no, can't do it. I felt bad for the guy because not only did he have to pay $72 but he must be feeling pretty miserable too. Come on, just 2 more bites?

Just under 3 minutes to go. Can he do it?

A salad, roll, baked potato, 3 shrimp, and 72 oz of steak. Eat it in 1 hour and it's free! Otherwise it's $72.

But to our surprise we had the privilege and pain to witness a guy from New Jersey attempt the feat.

The table to the right with the white/black cow tablecloth is where those who are brave enough to attempt to eat the 72 oz steak get to sit and eat in front of everyone. Someone had just finished when we came in so I didn't think we would have a chance to see the event.

Amarillo and inside the Big Texan restaurant. A really cool place to be.

This is the path of the road until an airport was plopped down in the middle of it and we had to detour around it.

Almost to Tucumcari to stay the night.

Still looking for that affordable car!

The Bug Ranch. A joke on the Cadillac Ranch coming up in Amarillo.

The road, the road, it's always about the road. And I love it!

Grain elevators guarding the past are just about all that is left of Conway, Texas.